Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring concert

Here is a link for Kyle's spring concert...vocal and band, on my youtube page.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Opening day

Kyle has his first baseball game yesterday. They had the little league opening ceremonies yesterday too. Thankfully we did not get rained out. Kyle's team is the Kansas City Royals, which I was happy about because the past 2 years he's been on the Mets and I was getting tired of the orange. ;)
He played right field and did pretty well out there. He also got a double when he was up to bat, but the kid after him struck out, so that was the end of that inning. He's never been a great ball player, so he was pretty proud of was I. :)

Everyone throwing up their hats after the national anthem

The procession of teams

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weird photo

Check out the comments below...they are funny as shit.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lower back tattoo

This is one of my favorites from a few years back.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disney pics

Disney World

What a trip! Long ass drive, that's for sure. It was kind of fun seeing parts of the country that I've never seen before. Tennessee was beautiful, and I'd never expected that. Kentucky looked like WWIII had gone on there....there were broken trees everywhere. Florida was awesome. We didn't have a drop of rain and it was in the 80's everyday. It was very hard to come back to rainy/cold Iowa, that's for sure. We stayed on Disney property at one of the All Star resorts. It was a Toy Story theme and the kids loved it. The first thing the kids wanted to do was hit the Fantasia themed pool. It was 89 degrees, so I said "hellz, yeah!".
The first day we went to Hollywood studios and Emma wore her High School musical cheerleader outfit to blend in. We saw the car stunt show, the Indiana Jones stunt show, rode on a ton of rides and took Emma to see playhouse Disney and get some Little Einstein's autographs. Then we saw the Fantasmic show, which the kids thought was awesome....well, me too. Rob and Kyle did the Tower of Terror. Emma and I did not. I've done it once, and that was enough. ;) The height requirement for that thing is 40 inches...that's like a 4 year old kid. Give me a break!
The next day we did Epcot. Oh Lord, how my feet hurt after that day. I don't think there was anything that we didn't do/see. We even stayed for the fireworks even though we were exhausted. Kyle's favorite ride was "Test Track" and although Emma was scared to go on it....she liked it afterward. Emma got to meet Snow White unexpectedly in Germany and even got her autograph. Damn, it would drive me nuts to have to talk falsetto and cutesy all day like the girl playing Snow White. That day we also got to go to Magic Kingdom to the Crystal Palace for lunch with Tigger, Piglet and Pooh. Hot damn that was good food. I haven't been that full since the last time I was at Disney (thanks, Coleen ;).
The third day was St. Patrick's day and we spent it at Magic Kingdom.....or we meant to. ;) We donned our St. Patty's gear and headed to the park. Everything was great...riding rides, seeing Cinderella's castle, watching the parade....then Emma decided to take a header over a railing and cut her head open on a brick. Not a big wound, but tons of blood. 3 park employees were right there and ushered us to the Disney World doctor's office. They were great, getting us where we needed to be, helping us, etc. Then we spent the next 3 hours at the urgent care clinic getting Emma all fixed up. She got her wound...that was 3 stitches worth...glued back together. She was a trooper, only crying for a little bit. We went back to the resort and hung around there that evening.
The next day we finished up at Magic Kingdom and then took the kids to the arcade at the resort. Thankfully we had already done the pool, because Emma couldn't get her head wet.
Thursday was Animal Kingdom day. We had a character breakfast at Tusker House planned with Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy. Kyle got up saying his tummy hurt. I thought he just had to poop...until he threw up all over the hotel floor. He was feeling better after, but still a little lousy. He made it to the restaurant with us, but only ate a donut. Thankfully they didn't charge us for him as he is considered an adult by Disney $$$$$$ standards. Afterwards he and I came back to the resort for a nap and Rob and Emma stayed at Animal Kingdom. They did all the little kid stuff and Emma got tons of pictures/autographs from characters. After lunch Kyle and I came back and hung around. Kyle was feeling better, but not good enough to do the Yeti ride, so that was the one thing we missed. Maybe next time. :)
Friday was spent at Downtown Disney where we had lunch at Planet Hollywood, bought our souvenirs....we came all the way to Disney for Kyle to get Legos at the Lego store.....and Emma got a makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It was so damned cute...she got her makeup and hair done. She requested the princess do, which I wasn't sure could be done with her short hair, but they did it. We decided to leave that evening and made it to Macon, Georgia to spend the night. We got back home at about 11:00 on Saturday night. It was a long drive but nice to be back into our own beds.
It was a great trip...and I know we are going to have to go back sometime soon...but hopefully in a plane. ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to Disney!

It's finally here! We are headed to Florida tomorrow for our big Disney World trip. The kids...and me...are super excited. :) We'll be gone until the 22nd and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I've packed shorts, so it had better damend well be nice! Here is a shot of my pre Florida pedicure that I got today. It was so worth it! :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Miss me?

So, it's been awhile. I swear with Facebook, I hardly ever post on here anymore. But I is a video link to Emma's most recent dance performance and a picture of Emma riding her bike sans training wheels last week when it was so nice.